August 20, 2012

The Stupid Pejorative

Have you ever been perusing a political article when you suddenly come across someone "cleverly" playing on the title of the opposition? You know, something like, "The REICH Wing crowd did it again!" It may just be me, but it always makes me picture one of these guys behind the keyboard:

Hee-hee, I made a pun!

Since I find these kinds of word plays insufferably ridiculous, I decided to throw out a bunch of anti-conservative ones off the cuff so that a meandering Liberal might accidentally pick one up and make themselves look like a moron by using it in public. To make them even more annoying, I've put the "clever" bits in italics, bold, or all caps; because you know there's no better way to show people how clever you are then to bludgeon them over the head with your extremely obvious puns.


  • CONservatives
  • Repooplicans
  • Not-right Wing
  • Geezus Freak
  • Grand OLD PEOPLE Party
  • G.O.PeePee
  • Constupidative
  • Constiturdtionalist
  • Nazis (I don't get the pun, but it seems popular.)
Now, come up with some of your own! Be sure they're not funny and also not novel, and don't forget to include the insulting syntax.

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